2020 as we now know it

Well, 2020 has certainly been a roller coaster.

We were devastated at the destruction that the bushfires caused to our beautiful state.

The impact of this on our business was huge as people headed to the hills to support the locals there. The recovery programs were just kicking in and visitors were slowly returning to the beautiful Southern Barossa and then COVID-19 hit.

We are now wading through unchartered times as you all are. We are being presented daily with changes and challenges.

Our accommodation has shut down with all future bookings cancelled but we are so lucky to get the best visitors and the majority of people have been amazing and we have to admit, did bring a tear to our eyes as they want to come and stay at another time.

The Cellar Door is no longer open for visitors however, we still are able to sell to you to take home.

You can order our wines online and the prices are a stand out for the next two weeks, so we hope you understand that a shipping fee will have to apply due to the massive discount – still a great bargain for you.

For locals, you can collect, once you have placed your order online, let us know what time you would like to collect and we will place the wine outside for you.

We are going to miss the social interaction with the laughs and stories that are a big part of the cellar door / tasting room.

But there will be time in the future for this. For now, we all need to go the extra to stay healthy and keep our communities healthy.

The Wilson family


Linfield Abroad

Daniel is back from a whirlwind tour of China & Singapore promoting the Linfield brand and some amazing experiences and even a few words of Chinese. The pictures will be up on the cellar door screen soon (well some of them).


I have just finished a webinar with ABN which was really inspiring – a fantastic network of opportunities, knowledge and experience for business women. Valerie Koo, the presenter  was awesome. If you want to know more, email me at the Cellar Door and I will give you the details to join.


Family History

Just had a visitor from WA who is researching her family history call into the cellar door on seeing the name, Linfield Road Wines. Her family lived at the Linfield property at the end of the dirt road that borders our vineyard and was known unofficially as the “Linfield Road”  – the road to the Linfield property!

We named our wine label after this road, and a reasonable amount of research into the local history of the area, so we were chuffed to talk to someone who could fill in a few gaps and confirm what we knew.


A Wrap Up

A Wrap Up on the 3 + 3 Sunday, held on August 16th.
Our inaugural Linfield Road Wines’ Three Cabernets and Three Curries Sunday held recently was a real buzz and it seems set as an annual event on the 3rd Sunday in August!

The sleepless nights worrying about numbers, food quantities, shopping, preparing, cooking and most importantly bringing it all together on the day were forgotten as soon as the first table filled.

A great crowd laughed, chatted and light-heartedly stirred the table staff a little while literally licking the bowls clean to the sound of Ric and his guitarist (apologies, it is hard to catch someone’s name when you have your skates on.)

At front of house, Daniel and Honey took everyone through a vertical tasting of The Black Hammer before our guests settled down with a bottle of their favourite Linfield for lunch. The popularity of our fantastic wines kept these two Linfield warriors busy all afternoon.

I pondered afterwards about what makes an event special? The answer was simple – the people! (OK – and Linfield wines!)

• Jocelyn, who baked the amazingly yummy mini lemon meringues and cup cakes that had many wanting seconds.
• The warm smile of one of our regular weekend visitors at Linfield, who has a twinkle in her eye, a keen sense of humour and knows a good wine!
• The lovely but quiet Talitha who was a gem in the kitchen and with table service.
• The cheeky fun character by the alfresco doors – you know who you are – disappointed that my lemon tree is not a real success but advocates that for a small payment, he and a few mates have the answer to get it growing and producing.
• The musicians who had us humming as we worked away.
• The orderly chaos in the kitchen, (it isn’t big and with three people buzzing around; don’t mess with Steve when he is in charge of three curries and 3 kilos of rice! But we gave him 10 out 10 on the day!

And there were so many more people things throughout the day that created the atmosphere and the friendliness. A huge thank you to everyone for attending. We look forward to seeing you at our next event – Burger and Blend Sunday Sept 13th. ph 85247 355

Barossa Comes to Brisbane

Linfield goes to Brisbane with our single vineyard wines for this exciting tasting of wines from a huge range of small super premium Barossa wineries. Many wineries will be at the tasting, and it promises to be a great night with some amazing wines.

Make sure you book soon to have a look at the following wines from our range:

The Stubborn Patriarch 2005 Shiraz
The Black Hammer 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
The Slab Hut 2005 Merlot / Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon
The Monarch 2006 Merlot
The Steam Maker 2008 Riesling
Ratafia Riesling 2008 Dessert Wine

Look forward to seeing you there!


Small Screen

As part of an upcoming feature on Williamstown, The Discover crew from Channel Seven called in to film at Linfield Road on Saturday. After spending a busy morning practising our best ”acting natural” poses, we had a great time showing presenter Kelly Golding around Linfield Cottage and the cellar door, before sitting down to enjoy one of our gourmet platters on the verandah with the crew.

I”ll post the screening date on here when it”s confirmed, but the segment should be going to air in the next few months.

Two New Wines

Two gorgeous new wines from Linfield Road are now available, and they both come with hand drawn stick figures!

”The Man About Town” 2006 Aged White Tawny is the newest addition to the Linfield Road single vineyard range. Handmade entirely from Chardonnay grapes sourced from our Southern Barossa family vineyard, it”s the perfect fortified wine to warm up with after a cold winters day. Tasting Note: Golden Amber in colour, the nose displays hints of honey and ripe melon. Rich characters of carmelized apricots and peaches coat the mouth, with a long luscious finish.The wine is named after Thomas Wilson, who arrived in Adelaide from England with his young family on July 27th 1838. After settling in, Thomas wasted no time becoming involved in the affairs of the young city, finding himself elected the 2nd Mayor of Adelaide in 1842 while lecturing on art and engraving, establishing a law firm, acting as the first editor for ”The Adelaide” magazine and writing a great deal of very lengthy poetry.

In 1841, ”The South Australian” Magazine published what can only be described as an extraordinarily descriptive quote about Thomas:

No man seems to possess more of the attribute of ubiquity than Mr Wilson. Visit whatever part of Adelaide you may, during the hours of business, there you are sure to meet with him… he is blessed with a pair of such singularly active legs, as seemingly to annihilate distance and space, his presence in chambers, in the council room, in his own offices, and at the extremities of the city being apparently coeval in point of time.

Annihilating distance and space… if only that trait had passed on down through the generations. It just sounds so useful! The wine has been maturing in oak since 2006, and has developed stunning color and flavour. Made from a single variety, sourced from a single vineyard, in one single vintage and with only 88 dozen produced. Available from the Cellar Door or Mail Order for $15 a bottle. P: (08) 8524 7355.

The Ratafia 2008 Riesling is the other new addition to the range, a delicious single vineyard dessert wine that is on the mellow side of sweet – perfect with a mango sorbet and tropical fruit salad. We have only produced a tiny 170 dozen, so make sure you call into the Cellar Door soon, or give us a call – would love to hear from you.

Tasting Note: Made from Riesling pressings this delicious sweet wine is partially fermented before being fortified with a neutral spirit. Serve chilled and enjoy the delightful pinapple and melon flavours. A wonderful dessert wine.

The Ratafia is made from the Riesling pressings of our 2008 Riesling, and spent 9 months in French oak before bottling. Packaged in stunning 375ml bottles $22 at Cellar Door or Mail Order. P: (08) 8524 7355


Spring is underway, as budburst brings next years crop to life. Very quickly the vineyard is alive with colour and activity, which is always in stark contrast to the dormant vines we’ve been pruning only a few weeks before.

With pruning finished and snips retired to the back of the workshop, we’ve focused our combined attentions on the cellar door, spending the October long weekend furiously working away with the help of good friends Matty and Chelsea. The polished concrete flooring looks fantastic, the redgum bar has been installed, the interior painted, and the landscaping is… well we’re almost there.


With another cold Barossa Valley winter coming to a close, we are now well over halfway through the pruning. Once again Grandpa, better known as Arnold, has been out there everyday, despite the fact that he’s recently turned 86 years old. It is with considerable guilt that I head over to his place for a stout after a day when I’ve been cooped up in the office!

If you can get past the fact that its 7 degrees and pouring down with rain, pruning is surely one of the most peaceful tasks going. We usually have two people working on either side of the row here, and I always find it amazing how an hour or two passes without a word being spoken before the conversation picks up as if it never stopped.

The cellar door construction is moving along at a rapid pace, with the Oregon wood verandah now up and the concrete floor being polished as I write this (and no, I’m not hiding). Looking out over the vineyard, with the first rows of gnarled Grenache in the foreground, it’s the perfect location for a cellar door and we are currently on track to be open in late October. I’ll have more updates as it progresses along in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, in a publicity coup tempered only by the fact her last name hasn’t been Wilson for 65 years, Grandpa’s sister Ivy has become a radio star at 91 years of age! Tune into http://www.abc.net.au/adelaide/radio/ every Wednesday at around 2.30pm to hear her talk to Carole Whitlock about everything from life on the farm to motorbike racing.