With another cold Barossa Valley winter coming to a close, we are now well over halfway through the pruning. Once again Grandpa, better known as Arnold, has been out there everyday, despite the fact that he’s recently turned 86 years old. It is with considerable guilt that I head over to his place for a stout after a day when I’ve been cooped up in the office!

If you can get past the fact that its 7 degrees and pouring down with rain, pruning is surely one of the most peaceful tasks going. We usually have two people working on either side of the row here, and I always find it amazing how an hour or two passes without a word being spoken before the conversation picks up as if it never stopped.

The cellar door construction is moving along at a rapid pace, with the Oregon wood verandah now up and the concrete floor being polished as I write this (and no, I’m not hiding). Looking out over the vineyard, with the first rows of gnarled Grenache in the foreground, it’s the perfect location for a cellar door and we are currently on track to be open in late October. I’ll have more updates as it progresses along in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, in a publicity coup tempered only by the fact her last name hasn’t been Wilson for 65 years, Grandpa’s sister Ivy has become a radio star at 91 years of age! Tune into every Wednesday at around 2.30pm to hear her talk to Carole Whitlock about everything from life on the farm to motorbike racing.


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