A Wrap Up

A Wrap Up on the 3 + 3 Sunday, held on August 16th.
Our inaugural Linfield Road Wines’ Three Cabernets and Three Curries Sunday held recently was a real buzz and it seems set as an annual event on the 3rd Sunday in August!

The sleepless nights worrying about numbers, food quantities, shopping, preparing, cooking and most importantly bringing it all together on the day were forgotten as soon as the first table filled.

A great crowd laughed, chatted and light-heartedly stirred the table staff a little while literally licking the bowls clean to the sound of Ric and his guitarist (apologies, it is hard to catch someone’s name when you have your skates on.)

At front of house, Daniel and Honey took everyone through a vertical tasting of The Black Hammer before our guests settled down with a bottle of their favourite Linfield for lunch. The popularity of our fantastic wines kept these two Linfield warriors busy all afternoon.

I pondered afterwards about what makes an event special? The answer was simple – the people! (OK – and Linfield wines!)

• Jocelyn, who baked the amazingly yummy mini lemon meringues and cup cakes that had many wanting seconds.
• The warm smile of one of our regular weekend visitors at Linfield, who has a twinkle in her eye, a keen sense of humour and knows a good wine!
• The lovely but quiet Talitha who was a gem in the kitchen and with table service.
• The cheeky fun character by the alfresco doors – you know who you are – disappointed that my lemon tree is not a real success but advocates that for a small payment, he and a few mates have the answer to get it growing and producing.
• The musicians who had us humming as we worked away.
• The orderly chaos in the kitchen, (it isn’t big and with three people buzzing around; don’t mess with Steve when he is in charge of three curries and 3 kilos of rice! But we gave him 10 out 10 on the day!

And there were so many more people things throughout the day that created the atmosphere and the friendliness. A huge thank you to everyone for attending. We look forward to seeing you at our next event – Burger and Blend Sunday Sept 13th. ph 85247 355

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